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Chinese exports of gasoline increased dramatically

Chinese exports of gasoline increased dramatically

China petrochemical news network news According to dow Jones9Month1Daily news,This year1-7Petrol in China exports nearly4780Barrels,Compared with the same period last year increased dramatically84%。

08 2016-09

Energy structure and application of technical innovation is accelerated

Information office of Beijing municipal government and Beijing municipal science and technology commission jointly organized《Beijing technology innovation plan of action(2014—2017Years)》之“For the future of energy structure, technological innovation and radiation”Special press conference series of achievements。

04 2016-09

Domestic gasoline、Diesel prices or will have“Two even higher”

Xinhua news agency the price of oil system8Month31According to data released,8Month30, the average price of crude oil rate of change for package6.99%。On the basis of measurement,Steam、Diesel prices will be increased per ton220Yuan。8Month31The ninth day of the day is the valuation cycle。

04 2016-09

Mitsubishi chemical naphtha cargo trade for a big discount

Mitsubishi chemical sign contracts with many trade companies,A total of three batch purchase25000Tons of cargo naphtha。Weak market conditions in the near future,The move is rare。For next year is expected to deliver the goods time1To July6Month。According to Japanese naphtha average price evaluation,The trade of mitsubishi chemical per ton5.5The dollar discount。

04 2016-09

To open the shell complete beauty in the gulf of Mexico oil field deal global asset disposal process

Royal Dutch shell group(Royal Dutch Shell)Since the bg group(BG Group)540$to buy after***Sale of oil field,For its UK north sea、Gabon、Asset disposal and New Zealand are labeled for one million。The buyers bid or shell will achieve the desired。

04 2016-09

Michelin33Groundbreaking new factory

From all over the world***Michelin group of the first world69Factories8Month22Day break ground in Mexico,It is the company is located in North America first21Factories,The company announced the total amount of investment for5.1Million dollars(Jn33.1Hundred million yuan)。The main local leadership and Michelin customers attended the opening ceremony。

  • Technology research and development

    Professional laboratory,All product key indicators of detection ability

    High quality r&d team,With solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience

    According to the customer indicators tailored exclusive product for the customer

    Free to provide customers with technical consulting and system application technology solutions

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  • The technological process

    Special production line,Prevent cross contamination。

    Regular cleaning storage tanks and pipe network,Ensure product cleanliness。

    In strict accordance with theISO9001Requirements,To ensure that the product traceability。

    From procurement to finished product,The implementation of strict inspection,To ensure the stability of product quality

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