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    X-ray machineCo., LTD(XMOUNTAIN Machinery CO.,LTD)Leading technology, in mainland China、Product line complete nonwoven equipment manufacturers。X-ray, machinery has X-ray nonwoven technology center、Dongguan and yongkang owns two production bases and X-ray(Hangzhou)The office。The company has a professional design and development team and experienced engineering team,Continuously introduce advanced technology、The excellent performance of all kinds of nonwoven production equipment,Annual production capacity of more than one hundred production lines。Products involving spun-bonded、Melt-blown、Hot melt(Hard cotton、Without glue cotton、Vertical cotton)、Hot air、Hot rolled、Acupuncture、Imitation silk cotton、Miantai, cotton and other kinds of different process,All products have completely independent intellectual property rights,Now apply to the country for the dozens of technology patents,2011Years was identified as national high and new technology enterprise。The core product high-speed carding machine、High-speed needle machine、Vertical web machine and efficient hot air oven, etc. The key performance indicators in the domestic leading level。

      Company produces high quality、High capacity、Low energy production equipment has been in the pearl river delta、Guangxi、Fujian、Sichuan province、Chongqing、Yunnan province、In hunan province、Hubei、In jiangxi province、Zhejiang、Jiangsu、Hebei、Shandong、Beijing、Tianjin、The northeast and other places have extensive customer base,At the same time parts sold to Taiwan、Vietnam、The united Arab emirates、Israel and other overseas markets,And among the masses of users established a good reputation。

      Work to win the future,Innovation achievements dream。Looking to the future,X-ray, will insist on specialization、The development strategy of the brand,Practical,Development and innovation,In order to“Create the first brand of non-woven equipment”As the goal,Our duty is to save social resources and energy,The use of non-woven equipment professional experience,To help customers realize the innovation of production equipment in different areas。To cope with the increasingly serious challenge of climate change,X-ray machinery by leading complete solution,Help customers to reduce energy consumption and co2 emissions,To save human,To create the best society、Economic and environmental benefits,Contribute more power for the society。