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12Years of experience in group meal service,Provide the optimal solution for you!

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12Years of experience in group meal service,Provide the optimal solution for you!

01Standardization management,Professional service

  • Strictly implemented“8S”AndHACCPManagement,Construction safety、Comfortable dining environment
  • Staff management shall practise a system of evaluation,Implement related certificates
  • Holds regular staff skills training,Continuously improve service quality

02Dishes rich variety,Constantly develop new dishes

  • Hiring senior professional chef,Equipped with sichuan as needed、Xiang、Cantonese cuisine chef
  • Equipped with public nutritionist,A balanced diet,Science is tie-in,Ensure the safety and healthy diet
  • Depending on the season,Continuously introduce new dishes,Let employees not to eat greasy forever

03Fresh raw materials,To ensure the safety of food

  • Vegetable planting base,Farms with large wholesale,Unified purchase and distribution
  • Dry goods、Dressing、Grain and oil、Meat products fixed-point procurement,With a qualified inspection report
  • Strict food testing、Detect pesticide residues,To ensure the safety of food

04Group meal service experience for many years,Trustworthy

  • Large canteen service,Focus on service,Creating excellence catering brands
  • And each big enterprise or business unit、The school、Hospital sustained cooperation
  • Has passedISO9001AndISO22000International certification

05Diversified management,Personalised service

  • Provide diversity,Personalized form,Meet the demand of customers dining
  • Diversified services:The popularization、Volume type、Optional meal、Fixed meal、The characteristics of starch、Flavor snack, etc,According to the customer actual demand to open service window
  • According to the customer's requirements,Custom more service window:Such as Hong Kong style window、Japanese window、Western style window、A meal window, etc

The menu/Food presentation

Into the more mika

Meijia food co., LTD., established in chongqing2005Years12Month27Day,Company's main canteen meals service、Chinese and western fast food、Labor dispatching、The shipping delivery, etc,Service coverage、 The hospital、Organ、The bank、Foreign enterprises and institutions, etc、The commercial center、Fashion office space、Internet online and big parties、The exhibition。

The company after 12 years to grow,Has now become a ChongQingTuan food and fast food industry leading enterprises,The privilege of China hotel association group meal committee unit、Chongqing cuisine association association group meal committee member units、Chongqing cuisine association vice-chairman unit、Vice-chairman unit、Chongqing cuisine association group meal fast food branch of director of committee member units、Chongqing city food industry association executive director units、The association of chain management in chongqing,The second...
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  • Chongqing city food industry association executive director
  • Chongqing cuisine association vice-chairman
  • Chongqing cuisine association executive director
  • The chain-like management association of chongqing
  • The Chinese regiment meal good brand
  • A model worker family
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