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    Hunan million electric co., LTD., the predecessor of changsha station electrical co., LTD., established in2007Years,Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales of inverter and brake unit and soft starter in the integration of high-tech enterprises;Company consists of a number of well-known brands at home and abroad inverter enterprises engaged in power electronic technology research and development professionals,Through continuous innovation、Breakthrough and extensive international communication,Now has the international advanced technology level of vector control and torque control technology。The company's products in appearance、Structure、Software、The hardware,Especially in the area of product quality and performance,Can completely equivalent to that of foreign brands。Since the founding of the company,Always adhere to the people-oriented、Science and technology business、Pay attention to introduction and training of talents;

    Company with strong technical strength,With an annual output value20Ten thousand sets of inverter production line。Has been successfully developed completely independentlyCT600Series vector frequency converter、CT620Series high-performance vector type frequency converter、CT680High-performance closed-loop vector type frequency converter、TDBUSeries of braking energy unit、TYRUAnd regenerative braking unitTYR1Series soft starter, etc。The above series of products are the Taiwan electrical unique proprietary technology,The developed products with completely independent intellectual property rights。

    Billion electric always insist on“With the quality of products,Our price is lower;With the price of products,We have higher quality”Value by the goal to provide customers at home and abroad products;Adhere to“Science and technology change the world Quality embodies value”Is the management idea based on the market;Adhere to“Innovation、Rigorous、Science”The attitude of the research and development of new products constantly,For the full build modernization、Internationalization of inverter and automation products enterprises。

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