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Unique quality control system and after-sales is erudite and informed is different from the other translation company advantage indefinitely。As a domestic...
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More than1000The interpreter team to meet customer service requirements of various kinds of demanding,Is strict service standards...
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For the overwhelming majority of customers with AD Industry of China and foreign countries、Outside the translation、Business negotiation of interpretation、Consecutive interpretation and simultaneous...
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Multilingual website localization must use large global translation expert network and large companies...

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Taiyuan erudite and informed translation service co., LTD(Unified social credit code:91140105317048731E)By industrial and commercial bureau approved the establishment of large foreign translation company,Chinese translation association member units,Translators association member unit in Shanxi Province,Has the legal translation company qualification,Have the country admits the qualification and efficacy。The company full-time professional translators with rich experience and professional knowledge,And part-time translators nearly thousands of,From the national colleges and universities、Professor of scientific research departments and the published translation agency、Study abroad returnees from experts and have learned something。The company since its establishment,Has been with several well-known companies、Government departments and other customers have established long-term relations of cooperation,Such as:The bank of China,The bureau of Shanxi Province,Shanxi construction,China railway 17th bureau,Group of zhongtiao mountains,Shanxi university,And translated a lot of all kinds of certificates。The company in line with the translation quality、Optimal price、Good reputation to serve the criterion,Has occupied the first position of the translation industry。Language translation:The English language、Japanese、Korean、German、Russian、Portuguese、Spanish、French、Italian、Arabic、 Greek、Dutch、Swedish、Finnish、Hindi、Vietnamese、Indonesian multilingual translation services, etc。High-end translation:Translation refers to the language with customer needs in the form of text expresses the materials provided by the customer a form of translation,Is a kind of language information will be converted into another language information process。The company has accumulated for10000Multiple each type...
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Taiyuan erudite and informed translation company translation process
Taiyuan erudite and informed translation company translation process1、The manuscript to undertake and evaluate the company after receiving manuscripts to communicate with customers in the first place,Fully understand customer intent and requirements,...
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      Company's business expansion,XiQian new site,Knick-knacks startup times square street12Layer1214BRoom,New and old customers to know, please...

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Consultation QQ:1250042001
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