- Activity is introduced -
“Gold to creative cup•2019Diamond fashion design contest”Is sponsored by beatitude gold jewelry co., LTD. Shenzhen king fashion jewelry creative design contest,Golden bliss30Years of development,Brand gradually mature and increasingly powerful,To feedback the industry and the social support,To provide better products and services to consumers,For the power of the enterprise contribute to the development of the industry,By the competition。The competition aims to encourage jewelry design talents、College freshmen、New talent show ego,Stimulate the jewelry design talents of creative design,Jewelry enterprises build college and society、Jewelry, a bridge between consumers,To maximize the good jewelry design,Applied to the actual consumption in the market.
  • The organizer

    Shenzhen king to the gold jewelry co., LTD


    Shenzhen jewelry designer association


    Shenzhen water bei wanshan jewelry industry development co., LTD

  • The co-organizer

    China university of geosciences(Beijing)Institute of jewelry  /  Shenzhen vocational and technical college


    Shenzhen technician institute  /  PYDesign studio


    Jiangmen vocational technical college  /  Jin show media

Creative theme

Participants can choose the following two theme creation,Since the proposed works name。

  • Love in my heart

    The romance of love、A mother's love CiWei、A father's guardian、Love and purity……,When you to a person have so take good care and miss,Love,Have to live in your heart,If love has a shape,What will be the attitude?

  • Happy happy

    Everyone can't give love a complete interpretation,But the aisle to each pair of lovers is the most perfect answer,Most is that you can witness and jewelry、Engraved、Inheriting the sacred and the moment of happiness,Your happiness like act the role ofing you have what kind of a soul?

Competition process
  • Filling time

  • The manuscript first trial
  • Network selection
  • Expert review
  • The awards ceremony and prize winners of the public
  • Winning entries real national tour
Award setting
The direction of winners after completion of one-time pay the corresponding bonus payments,No need to bear any other fees。
All the above award bonus tax,After by the organizers and local tax bureau for tax withholding。
Creative design1Name
Certificate of honor+The cup
The most commercial value1Name
Certificate of honor+The cup
Cultural creative awards1Name
Certificate of honor+The cup
The popular network3Name
Certificate of honor
Good design award30Name
Certificate of honor
Registration information
  • The competition open to all design professionals and design enthusiasts,You can for individuals or for groups,Competition does not charge any fee。

  • 1.In order to ensure the fairness of competition、Justice and authority,Contest judges will consists of three parts experts:The well-known designers、Expert design institutes、Entrepreneurs review committee;

    2.The evaluation committee according to the creative work、Creative、Uniqueness、Practicality、The factors such as the technology feasibility,Adhere to the fair、The principle of justice,Select the finalists winning works;

    3.This second contest opened online vote,Network popularity award by the network vote;

    4.Finally the results explanation power belongs to the gold to the official,Do not dispute。

  • 1.Participants in the gold to the website(http://www.yihuidianzi.com.cn/)Download the registration form(According to the“Author's last name+The unit+The title+Application form”Form a name),Fill in the information on the application form perfect according to the facts,Works name should be used in the application form and submit the design drawings of the same name;

    2.All contestants must work(According to the“Author's last name+The unit+The title+Drawing names”Form a name)Send together with the entry form to contest organizing committee designated mailboxJZFZB0755@163.com;

    3.Entry form and entries inJPGFormat to submit,Size in the picture5MOr less,Image resolution300dpi,Entries in control6Zhang within;

    4.Each participant can submit more work,Contribute more than work,Each work must complete separate application form;

    5.Entries in addition to the product name、Design specifications、Standards,May not appear the author's name and the author any other related information;

    6.Entries to modify and supplement:Within the deadline,Can undertake modification and supplement for entries,The participants eventually submitted data shall prevail,The original to disclose the information;

    7.Submission deadline is2019Years6Month25Day24:00The whole(Beijing time);

  • 1.All the awards and shortlisted for the work of intellectual property and related rights owned by shenzhen king to the gold jewelry co., LTD,Participants shall not be transferred or company,The right of authorship owned by the author,Not shortlisted entries in the result of the game before the official,Shall not be transferred;

    2.Golden bliss shall have the right to include entries relevant content for the use of this contest propaganda activities;

    3.Gold to f according to need,When the product production,Shall have the right to make the appropriate changes to your designs;

    4.Design contest the shenzhen king to explain this to all the gold jewelry co., LTD。

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